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Class Descriptions

Schedule posted is tentative & subject to enrollment. Class placement (regardless of age) is at the discretion of the instructor.
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Preschool Movement Classes (offered for dancers ages 2-4):


At two to four years old, not all children have experienced the classroom atmosphere, where they get to meet new friends and discover their individuality while learning to follow directions and reach new goals.  Although some have been in structured settings outside of their homes- be it through daycare, swim classes, gymnastics, or other group environments- not everyone has had the opportunity where taking turns and following directions is so much fun!

MK Dance Center’s Preschool Movement Program combines the fun of dance class with the responsibilities of using manners and being polite individuals.  In class, we talk about our “listening ears,” making sure that we brought our “watching eyes,” and sometimes picking up that “button” that fell off our lips, keeping our smiles in place.  Use of the “freeze dance” is an essential part of keeping all the dancers aware of controlling their own bodies.  Taking turns across the floor gives each child a chance to be in the spotlight and helps to establish a sense of patience. While use of dance games & props encourages creativity and expression, children are also introduced to the foundation of a structured dance setting

“Teeny Dancers” - a specialized class designed for our littlest dancers ages 2&3
30 minute weekly classes - $10 drop-in per class or $55 for 6 week class card

This class is perfect for the littlest movers and shakers!  The joy of movement will be the focus in class, along with cooperation and taking turns.  Movement games such as the “Hokey Poky” and “Freeze Dance” work gross motor skills as well as their “listening ears” and “watching eyes.”  Use of props may include scarves, wands, hats, parachute etc.

This class does not perform in the June recital.

“Dream Dancers” - age 3 by November 1st
45 minute weekly classes $42/month

This basic ballet movement class is an introduction to classroom structure.  Each class incorporates stretching, locomotive progressions and creative dancing.  Props are used as teaching aides, creating a playful, yet educational atmosphere.  This class works towards improving listening skills and developing classroom etiquette.

This class performs Ballet in the June recital.
“Star Dancers”- age 4 by November 1st
1 hour weekly classes $52/month

This class is a continuation of Dream Dancers, and a perfect introduction to movement for new four year old dancers.  The addition of tap dance is a new approach to movement and coordination while discovering the joys of making music with the feet!

This class performs Tap in the June recital


Kid Combo Classes (offered for dancers ages 5-8):

These classes are a natural continuation from our pre-school movement classes and also a wonderful introduction to dance for new dancers ages 5-8.  At these ages, we aim to instill dance terminology & technique for several styles of dance while still incorporating props, dance games & creative movement to keep learning fun!  

“Dance Kids 1”- Ballet/Tap Combo (age 5-6)
1 hour 15 minute weekly classes- $62/month

The first half of class works on rhythm, musicality, and the basics of the tap alphabet. Ballet ends the class with simple barre work and classical positions & steps that will then be combined into fun combinations.  This class incorporates stretching, locomotive progressions, creative dancing, props, and partner work. Ballet or Tap is performed in the June recital. 

“Dance Kids 3”- Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo (age7-8)
1hour 30 minute weekly classes- $72/month

This class is a continuation of the Ballet/Tap Combo. Dancers will continue to progress in ballet and tap, while the introduction of jazz adds a more dynamic approach to movement.  Isolation elements are the focus in the jazz class, along with more progression work and simple combinations. Jazz is performed in the June recital along with either Tap or Ballet.

“Hip Hop Hooray”- (ages 5-8)                                                                          
45 minute weekly classes- $42/month

Hooray!  An upbeat and fun class designed to fulfill the younger dancer’s desire to bop and groove to the latest hip hop music.  Kids will have a blast in this fast paced, high energy class, and parents will appreciate the age appropriate music and dance moves.   A short warm up starts the class, then students move on to dance combinations, and end the class with a “Freestyle Circle”- tons of fun!  This class is a great addition to our Dance Kids 1 classes!

"Boys Hip Hop"- (ages 6-8)                                                                                                                                                               45 minute weekly classes- $42/month

Boys only!  (Male teacher!) This class provides a comfortable atmosphere for boys to explore their love of dance.   Class starts with a warm-up and continues to incorporate freestyle movements as well as choreography. 

"Boys Jazz/Tap Combo"- (ages 5-8)

1hr weekly class - $52/month 

Boys only!  This class provides a comfortable atmosphere for boys to explore their love of dance.  The first half of class works on rhythm, musicality, and the basics of the tap alphabet.  Jazz adds a more dynamic approach to movement.  Isolation elements are the focus in the jazz class, along with more progression work and simple combinations.



Dance Technique Classes (offered for dancers 9 and older):

Ballet - Ballet 1 (ages 9-12) / Ballet 2 (ages 13+)
1 hour weekly classes - $52/month

Ballet is the subject most encouraged to any student, as the technique learned in class translates to all other forms of dance.  Barre work emphasizes alignment, poise, and proper execution of all steps.  Center work emphasizes carriage of body, grace and fluidity, along with performance skills.  Across the floor work incorporates jumps, leaps and turns. 

Jazz - Jazz 1 (ages 9-12) / Jazz 2 (ages 13+)
1 hour weekly classes - $52/month

This class will begin with a full stretch, focusing on personal awareness of body movements and abilities.  Use of isolation work and locomotive progressions include turns, kicks and leaps.  Memorization skills will be improved while learning short combinations.   Different movement themes will be explored through the introduction of various music styles such as blues, lyrical, fast and funky, and classical jazz. 

Tap - Tap 1 (ages 9-12) / Tap 2 (ages 13+)
1 hour weekly classes - $52/month

The focus of this class is on the development of musicality and rhythm. Students will study the tap alphabet, and be able to tell the difference between such movements as a step, a stamp and a stomp, and a hop, a leap and jump.  “Letters” of the alphabet will be combined to form steps and various combinations.  Class work will begin at the barre and transition over to center work once proper weight placement is understood.

Hip Hop - Hip Hop 1 (ages 9-12)
1 hour weekly classes - $52/month

This class starts with a formal warm-up working body isolations and stretching, and continues with a high energy dance combination set to popular Hip Hop and R&B music.  Students will be able to share their own moves and improvise in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. 
Contemporary - Contemporary 1 (ages 9-12) / Contemporary 2 (ages 13+)
1 hour weekly classes - $52/month

A combination of ballet, jazz, and modern dance techniques, this is a stylized form of dance focusing on abstract and contrasting movement, improvisational dancing, and emotional expression. The basis of this class will be exploration of choreography. 
*Since this is a choreography based class, an additional ballet or jazz technique class is recommended as well.


Break & Tumble (ages 6+)

45min weekly classes- $42/month

This class is designed to work on the technique of the “power moves” in Break Dancing.  Style specific warm ups and progressions will add to and enhance the abilities of all b-boys and b-girls!  This is a great addition to our Beginner and Intermediate Break Dancing classes. 

Breakdancing (Beginner starting at age 6 & Intermediate classes offered)

1 hour weekly classes- $52/month

Breaking, also known as “Breakdancing,” is the original style of Hip-Hop dance, and one of the four elements of Hip-Hop Culture.  The B-Boy(Break boy), B-Girl(break girl), or “Breaker” dances to the break in the music, the part of the song when all instruments are silent and only the percussion is heard.  Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, Hip-Hop, and Breakbeats are the genres of music to which “Breakers” groove.

Each level of Breaking will cover foundational movement such as Top Rock, Drops, and Footwork.  Conceptual drills, a connection between mind and body, and a variety of physical exercise will help students learn Powermoves and Freezes.  In a safe and supportive environment students will be encouraged to express their knowledge, imagination, and individuality all while learning a sense of unity and respect for themselves and others.

Teen Jazz/Lyrical (ages 13+)                                                                                       

1 hour weekly classes- $52/month

This class is designed to welcome teens with little or no dance experience into the fun world of dance!   The fundamentals of jazz dance technique will be introduced along with the emotional connection to movement of lyrical dance.   Some ballet steps will be introduced as well; the fusion of these three styles is what helps make up the popular “Contemporary” style of dance.

 The class will consist of a full body warm-up and stretch, “across the floor” progressions of steps including jumps and turns, and will finish with a fun dance combining steps learned.

Adult Classes:

Adult classes are designed for dancers of all levels (no experience required!)  Classes are offered on a "drop-in" basis with no commitment or pressure!

Ballet / Tap / Lyrical