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Tuition Policies:

Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, due by the 15th of each month. Payment methods accepted: Cash, Check or Money Order 
 *Credit/Debit cards are not accepted at this time
Late Fee: a $15 late fee will be applied to delinquent accounts. 
*A $25 service fee will be assessed for returned checks
Registration Fee: A $20 yearly registration fee is due at time of enrollment ($25 per family for multiple students)
Family Discount: The family member with the highest number of weekly class hours will pay according to the listed tuition rates. Each additional family member will receive a 10% discount off their monthly rate.

*Ask us about our referral incentives!!

Monthly Tuition Rates:

45 min-  $42
1 hour-  $52
1 hr 15 min-$62
1 ½ hour- $72
1 ¾ hours- $80
2 hours-  $87
2 ¼ hours- $94
2 ½ hours- $100
2 ¾ hours- $105
3 hours-  $110
3 ¼ hours- $115
3 ½ hours- $120
3 ¾ hours- $125
4 hours- $130
4 ½ hour- $138
5 hours  $145
6+ hours-  $160

Dress Code:

Preschool Movement Classes & Kid Combo Classes:
-leotard and tights (ballet skirts optional)
-white ballet shoes
-black tap shoes (if applicable)
-split soled black jazz shoes optional (ballet shoes can also be worn for jazz)
Technique Classes (ages 9+):
-Ballet: leotard, tights, pink split soled ballet shoes (ballet skirts optional)
-Jazz:  leotard, tights, split soled black or tan jazz shoes *No jazz sneakers (capri pants or jazz shorts optional)
-Tap: leotard, tights, tap shoes (capri pants or jazz shorts optional)
-Contemporary: leotard, footless or convertible tights, foot “Undeez” or barefoot (capri pants or jazz shorts optional)

Hip Hop/Breakdancing/Hip Hop Hooray: leggings and tank top or t-shirt, black jazz shoes or clean converse sneakers.  Dancers should bring sneakers to change into.  Shoes worn outside will not be allowed into the studio rooms.
*Oversized t-shirts, sweat pants, jeans, pajama pants, and warm-up suits will not be allowed.

Adults- Comfortable clothes and proper dance shoes

 - Athletic shorts or fitted sweatpants and solid t-shirt or tank top; black ballet, jazz, converse sneakers (for hip hop) or tap shoes

*Students not complying with the dress code will not be allowed to participate in class or able to make up missed classes.
*Shoes worn outside will not be allowed into the studio rooms.
*Long hair is to be tied back in a ponytail or bun.  Shorter hair needs to be pinned back away from face.
*No excessive jewelry worn in class, small earrings and rings only. No bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc.
*No gum chewing

Attendance/Make-up classes:

-Students should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class time.
-Children are to be supervised in the waiting area at all times.
- Regular attendance to class is required for continual progression of class work.
-If a student must miss a class, please contact the studio by noontime on a weekday and 9am on Saturdays.
-Make-up classes are offered and can be scheduled at the front desk. 
-MK Dance Center follows the Leominster Public School calendar for vacations and “most” holidays.  Classes missed because of holidays and vacations are not available for make-up.
- In the event of Leominster school cancellation due to weather conditions, do not assume that the studio is closed.  Because a snowy morning may turn into a sunny afternoon, we will base our decision to close an hour prior to the first scheduled class of the day.  Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will be offered a make-up.
- Missed classes can be made up through March 1st. At this point in our calendar all dancers begin to work on class specific recital choreography and make-up classes are not beneficial to students.

Observation of Classes:

-We allow open observation because we are proud of our program and know that you will be proud of the continual progress your dancer makes. 
-Only students allowed in the dance studios.
-Parents may observe class through the observation windows. 
-Please do not let young children bang or tap on the glass.
-Please do not deliberately distract your dancer during class. 
-Instructors are available to meet with parents at a scheduled time only, as to not interfere with class time.  Please  speak with the front desk receptionist about  scheduling an appointment.

Newsletters and Calendar:

All information pertaining to school vacations, holidays, costumes, pictures, rehearsals, recital procedures and any other studio concerns will be distributed in the form of a newsletter.  These newsletters are very important, and should be kept as a reference.  A copy of all newsletters will be posted on the “Student Information” bulletin board.  Also included in the registration packet is a month-by-month calendar on which holidays, vacations, rehearsals and recital are scheduled. 

Expected Student Behavior:

-Students are expected to attend scheduled classes and come prepared in proper attire, with correct shoes, and with hair secured away from face.
-Each student is expected to conduct herself/himself in a positive, respectful manner.   At no time will disrespect to instructor or classmates, or the theft or destruction of studio or personal belongings be tolerated.  If such an incident does occur, immediate action will be taken to remove student from the class, and if needed, from the studio.  We believe that dance is a valuable tool that helps teach self respect and self discipline.  Because these are qualities that we know you strive to promote in your children, we feel very fortunate to be your partner in the education process. 


- Every student who wishes to do so may participate in our annual June recital. A $30 deposit due by December 1st will be required to reserve a costume for the performance.
-In order for costumes to be distributed with adequate time before the recital and picture day, June tuition and costume balances must be paid in full prior to scheduled costume week.